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The “Website Services” combines a multitude of programs, tasks and analytic data needed to promote websites by increasing their visibility in SERP or the Search Engine Results Pages.

The SERP is the listing page of results returned by a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in response to a keyword query. The SERP displays two kind of results: Organic (free, 10 sites per page) based on the site’s relevancy towards the keyword that was used, and Paid Adds or PPC (Pay per Click), where you pay to have your site showing when certain keywords are used.

The Website Services package has three essential components:
Custom Web Design
Online Marketing
Website Maintenance

You can have the nicest Custom Website Design, SEO ready for your online business . If nobody sees it or know about your site (no traffic), the site is useless.
After the website is build, an ongoing work needs to be done.
The next two components will create the site’s popularity and bring a relevants and targeted traffic:
Online Marketing strategies for getting traffic and popularity
Website Maintenance for Analytics and site updates

The Online Marketing is in charge with your site popularity on the web and getting traffic from SERP, Social Media, multiple other websites, directories, blogs, etc.

The Website Maintenance job is to collect statistics about every activity that took place in your website. Based on those Analytic results, the developer (myself) is able to optimize the site’s content.

Custom Web Design

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Online Marketing

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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance helps your website to keep up with the competition, maintain or improve the position on the Search Engine´s results, adding new content, applying new SEO strategy… (…Website Maintenance)

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Work Ethics

  • passion for web design
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  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
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Flexible Options

  • affordable web presence
  • working around the client´s budget
  • latest in technical and design standards
  • quality artwork and coding
  • copyright license(s) for acquired material(s)
  • customized website maintenance
  • multiple online marketing plans