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Having a new Custom Built Design and SEO Ready website it’s a great start. Unfortunately, for the website owners, those “keyword settings” will not last forever.
The “keyword value” is always changing, exactly like the fluctuation in the stock market.

In order to maintain a competitive edge in your particular line of business, the Website Services are needed.

The Website Services has two major components:

The Online Marketing builds your website’s popularity on the web.
This is made by creating keyword based articles (relevant content) in Social Media environments, blogs, etc.
The more “outside” links are pointed to your website, the more “popular” the pages “look” and indexed by Search Engines (on specific topics), resulting in the better SERP ranking.
The SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) is the listing page of results returned by a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) in response to a keyword query.
The SERP displays two kind of results:

  • Paid Adds – paid listings or PPC (Pay per Click) to have your site showing when certain keywords are searched.
  • Organic – free listings, 10 sites per SERP, based on the hierarchically relevancy of each listed site towards the keyword that was used

The Website Maintenance collects the results of a multitude of programs, tasks and server logs analyzers.
Based on those results, the developer will have the most relevant diagram needed to promote certain pages of your website to rank Organically in the SERP.

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Why OmniusWebmaster?

Work Ethics

  • passion for web design
  • friendly environment
  • easy to communicate
  • meeting all deadlines
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • enforced client’s privacy

Flexible Options

  • affordable web presence
  • working around the client´s budget
  • latest in technical and design standards
  • quality artwork and coding
  • copyright license(s) for acquired material(s)
  • customized website maintenance
  • multiple online marketing plans